Northumberland is an oasis of wild unspoilt spectacular scenery, little traffic, a slow pace of life, friendly faces and laid back attitudes. Ravenscleugh Farm offers all this from the front door of our traditional  17th century Northumbrian Farmhouse.

Enjoy Ravenscleugh outdoors and in – wild swimming, camping, star gazing, campfires, marshmallows, log burners, beautiful linen, comfortable beds and an evening meal with some great craic.

We are mud, motorbike, cycle, horse, child and dog friendly

**please note that whilst we are dog friendly and will allow dogs to sleep downstairs in the entrance hall they are not allowed in the bedrooms or on any furniture.  We have a large dog crate you are welcome to borrow**


  • A perfect base for exploring wild Northumberland.
  • A perfect stop enroute to The Borders, Edingburgh and Scotland
  • A perfect stay for wedding guests looking for a comfortable bed and flexibility

Our family

We have owned Ravenscleugh since 2012. We farm the 260 acres and have rare breed Luing cattle and Lleyn and Cheviot sheep. We actively encourage wildlife on the farm and have a new wildflower meadow which we have created to help attract butterflies and bees. We have Hugo and Molly; our horses plus Lucky who is our son's shetland pony. We also have 2 dogs; Isa the lurcher who lives in the house and Pip the working sheep dog who lives outside. We are delighted to welcome you to our home and hope that you will enjoy our beautiful county as much as we do.

History of Ravenscleugh

Lying on the Anglo-Scottish border, Northumberland has been the site of a number of battles. Ravenscleugh was the site of the camp for the English prior to the Battle Of Otterburn. The Google Map link takes you to Ravenscleugh. Nearby Elsdon Church is a really interesting visit as well. Follow the Britain Express Link for more information and for information relating to Capability Brown's parents living here at Ravenscleugh. The 3rd, 4th & 5th link relate to the history of his family and links to the farm. The present farm house is 17th century however the farm has medieval and roman sites including forts and castles. The following links indicate that Capability Brown was born in the house.


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Lambing and Calving in the Spring, Haymaking and Shearing sheep in the summer.... the farm is always busy and bustling. We would be delighted to show you around the farm and introduce you to some of the characters here at Ravenscleugh - just ask.

Wildlife at Ravenscleugh

Listen to curlews and tread quietly to see the otters that feed in the lakes. Sea trout travel up through the burns in the Autumn and Winter - you never know what you might see. We have toads and frogs galore in the spring and tiny froglets soon after. Sit and enjoy the view under the singing skylarks during the day or sit quietly by the pond at night to catch a glimpse of an otter.

Wedding Accomodation

Flexible check ins One night stays The ideal choice for wedding guest accommodation. Less than 3 miles from Le Petit Chateau and Wood Hill Hall wedding venues.


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